Good reasons for buying Instagram followers

People communicate very differently from the way they did a decade ago thanks to social networks. They are free of charge and very easy to use hence the majority of people now use them on a daily basis. The convenience of using social networks is also unmatched. You can communicate with so many people with the click of a button. One of the popular social media platforms, Instagram, makes communication using pictures very easy and you can reach more people when you buy Instagram followers.

Instagram has been around since 2010 and it has gained popularity by its ability to allow people to share their stories using pictures. It is the perfect example of how a picture says a thousand words. When it was established, Instagram was popular among private individuals but businesses are showing more and more interest in the social network. Businesses can reach customers visually using Instagram and there are so many things they can do using the social network. We shall look at some of the reasons why it is beneficial to buy Instagram followers.

The first and most obvious reason for buying Instagram followers. We all know that it takes a lot of time to build a good number of followers. This is not ideal for businesses especially small ones that need all the time they can get to stay functional. Such businesses should buy Instagram followers to speed up the process of building a good following on the social network.

Another benefit of buying Instagram followers is that it enables a person to increase exposure for his personal brand or business. The Instagram homepage shows the most popular photos on the site and millions of people view them daily. These photos attract a lot of attention and they are very likely to increase traffic to the original poster’s website if he included its link in the captions. The number of likes on a photo is one of the ways Instagram uses to select photos that appear on the homepage. You therefore increase your chances of appearing on the homepage when you buy Instagram likes.

One indirect advantage of buying Instagram followers is that you get to increase your real followers. Although some websites sell automatically generated followers which don’t add much value, some sell real followers. However, both can be beneficial. If you buy Instagram likes and followers, you can make your photos more popular. Real people are naturally attracted to popular photos on Instagram and they are more likely to follow you and like your photos. The bought followers therefore help you increase your real followers.

Another benefit of buying Instagram followers is that it is cheaper than traditional advertising. Advertising on TV, radio, and on billboards is a lot more expensive than using social networks. It is free to advertise on most social networks and you can rest assured that your adverts reach thousands or millions of people just like TV ads. Instagram allows businessmen to reach their customers in a visual way and enable them to share valuable information about their products and services. When businesses buy Instagram followers, they create the illusion of popularity and that increases their followers even more.

How social media can give voices to the voiceless

There are quite a number of people who consider social networking sites to be convenient diversions at best. Others say that participating in social media is definitely a waste of time. The evidence provided by these critics is, however, not convincing at all. For instance, some might draw your attention to how people spend hours on the Internet watching terrible home videos. This argument makes some sense because quite a percentage of media on social media is utter nonsense. Social media can help untalented people to get their fifteen minutes of fame but can that do them any good?

Aside from the bad videos and untalented people seeking approval from the masses, there are quite a number of good things happening in social media. For instance, charity organizations rely on word-of-mouth marketing a lot. No place is better than social networking sites to spread information about the noble causes of charities.

If you are still skeptical, let’s take a look at the Berry Family based in Houston. The family was returning home from a vacation in Colorado and was involved in a head-on collision. The parents were killed on the spot and their two kids, Aaron, 8, and Peter, 9, suffered serious spinal cord injuries. These two kids turned into orphans in the blink of an eye and were left with debilitating injuries and huge medical bills.

The situation seemed bleak but the two boys did not give up on life just yet. They used social media to reach out to their family, friends, and the community at large to ask for any kind of support. The Facebook page they created did well to help them get encouragement and emotional support from people. The two kids got the attention of members of a local synagogue and the synagogue started to raise funds to cover their medical expenses. A website was quickly set up and this news was quickly picked up by the media. This story spread remarkably fast attracting massive support from well-wishers. Now the two brothers no longer have financial difficulties and they get more than enough emotional support to get them through their traumatic ordeal.

Maybe the story went viral because it was one of a respected family who met face to face with tragedy only to be reduced in half with both parents taken out of the equation. Whichever the reason, the story touched numerous people and even celebrities took on the cause. Among the celebrities that were moved by this story include: Britney Spears, New Kids on The Block, Justin Bieber, and several others.

Justin Bieber gave his opinions about some changes that should be made to the Facebook page that was set up. He also used his Twitter account to urge his followers to donate money to help the two brothers through their financial difficulty. A text-to-donate number was also set up for the worthy cause.

The takeaway here is that social media can give nationwide exposure to a family that is in dire need of help. People donated using all possible ways including via Twitter, the Facebook page, the Website, and via phones.